Gobbledegook (3)

주로 관공서의 거드름 피우는 관리들이나 까다로운 공문서에서 듣고 볼 수 있는 거창한 표현들. 대수롭지 않고 간단한 의미를 온갖 현학적인 말들로 포장하여 우리를 지치게 한다. 이런 말들은 마치 거들먹거리는 칠면조의 골골거리는 소리만큼이나 우리 귀에 거슬리기 마련인데, 그런 말이 바로 gobbledegook이다.

He soon began to wonder why people in government agencies spent so much time writing reports that were long and dull and full of empty words. Each morning, he spent a great deal of time reading these reports and trying to find out what they meant.

Time after time, he read such words as : "Please cause an investigation to be made with a view to the truth," Fourteen words were used when only there - "Please find out" - were needed. Another example was: "Please extinguish the illumination," instead of "turn off the lights."

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