Feathers (3)

새의 깃털에 대한 표현은 깃털 수 만큼 많을 듯하다. 예전에 사냥꾼이나 인디언들은 표적을 맞히면 모자나 머리장식에 깃털을 꽂았으며 영국의 왕족은 높은 신분의 표시로 화려한 깃털모자를 썼다. 그래서 feather in one's cap은 명예스러운 일을 뜻하게 되었다.

"A feather in one's cap" is used to praise or honor someone for something he has done. A writer, for example, has written many stories and had some published. But recently, he won a prize as the best short story writer in his state. You might tell him that the award was really "a feather in his cap."

A person who uses the property of others to get money for himself is said to be "feathering his nest." A lawyer, for example, may be given control of someone else's money for a time. The lawyer "feathers his nest" if he spends the money for himself, or puts it into his own investments. Experts say the expression comes from the way that many birds feather their nests after they build them.

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