Master Korean 2-2 (English ver.)
Author : Hangrok Cho, Tyeyoung Yang, Sunhee Kim, Seongwon Ryu, Hyeran Jung, Hoseon Jeong
Book page : 288 pages
Supplement : MP3 CD
About This Book

Master Korean 2–2 Basic follows Master Korean 2–1 Basic as the next volume in the Master Korean series, targeting Korean learners who have studied through Level 1 of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK). Learners can systematically develop their communication skills through a variety of activities. In particular, by widely applying the teaching principles of task-based instruction through a variety of visual and audio materials, learners can easily and enjoyably learn Korean. In addition, we have provided information about the Korean culture and language that is necessary to communicate effectively in some situations. In these ways, learners can study Korean using a truly multi-dimensional approach.


Systematically Study for Level 2 of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK)!

  Master Korean 2-2 includes enough speaking, listening, reading, and writing exercises to adequately prepare you for taking the TOPIK Level 2.


Fun Learning Tasks Incorporating Communicative Language Teaching Approaches!

  By effectively using their many years of experience as Korean instructors along with rich empirical data, the authors have created a text that allows learners to engage in conversation practice most appropriate for real communicative situations.      


Diverse Mix of Visual and Audio Materials!

  A rich mix of illustrations and photos are included to improve memorization ability and learning effects, and the MP3 audio materials feature professional voice actors. Together, these combine to provide the learner with multiple ways to focus on and enjoy the content.


Korean Culture Information to Fully Satisfy Your Curiosity!

We provide detailed introductions to a variety of aspects of Korean culture that students are often curious about, such as Korean currency, customary greetings, and shopping. These sections have been translated into English to provide detailed information and vivid descriptions using authentic, real-world content.  

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