Korean Made Easy - Vocabulary (English ver.)
Author : Seung-eun Oh
Book page : 368 pages
Supplement : MP3 CD
About This Book

Korean Made Easy - Vocabulary is the fourth book in the Korean Made Easy series written to aid the self-guided study of non-native learners of Korean. While grammar is emphasized in current language education, there is little focus on vocabulary learning, which is essential, and there are few books that systematically try to teach vocabulary. For this reason, this book was written in the hope of providing an easy, fun, and effective way to learn Korean vocabulary.


This book presents approximately 2,500 elementary- and intermediate-level vocabulary words over 100 units. The book has been divided into parts 1, 2, and 3, each of which is organized differently to ease the learner into understanding the contexts in which the vocabulary is used.


The learner will be able to study vocabulary in an organized manner and to naturally use it through the aid of pictures, audio materials, various practice exercises, and dialogue cards showing the context in which the vocabulary words are used.


Although the vocabulary becomes increasingly difficult and nuanced over the course of the book, the learner may select a topic from the table of contents and jump to it without regard to order because the units are largely independent of one another.

This book is also available in Chinese, Japanese and Spanish versions.
The revised edition of the Spanish version has been released.

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