Learning Korean Through Traditional Fairy Tales (English ver.) (전래 동화로 배우는 한국어)
Author : Soon-lye Kim, Su-Jin Im
Book page : 244 pages
Supplement : Appendix boook (40 pages) & Free MP3 Download
About This Book

This book is a reading textbook for intermediate level students of Korean. It presents Korean proverbs, idiomatic expressions, vocabulary, and grammar in an interesting format, and helps learners improve their listening, reading, writing, and speaking abilities through a variety of activities and lifelike illustrations and audio clips. It helps learners to better understand Koreans and Korean culture. We provide English, Chinese, and Japanese translations for all of the vocabulary, grammar expressions, and main text passages to satisfy the curiosity of learners and allow them to study as correctly and accurately as possible.     


- A new reading textbook that will boost confidence in reading while allowing the reader to imagine the stories through interesting illustrations!


- Learn common Korean idiomatic expressions through traditional fairy tales!

Through traditional fairy tales, readers can learn about Korean culture while also becoming familiar with common Korean idiomatic expressions, such as what it means to be ‘like a tree frog,’ or to ‘act like Nolbu.’ 


- Improve listening comprehension by leaps and bounds through lifelike audio files!

Readers can also improve their listening comprehension by listening to the included audio files recorded by a veteran professional voice actor. 


- Includes a separate appendix with all main text content translated into English, Chinese, and Japanese!

The included appendix with clear English, Chinese, and Japanese translations allows readers to accurately confirm the Korean text content of the fairy tales.  

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