Korean Language for Academics in Humanities
Author : Heo Young
Book page : 240 pages
Supplement : Audio CD
About This Book
Essential guide book for foreign students!

• Successful study in university life of Korea!
• Easy to understand the difficult Korean lecture!
• How to note-taking, how to write a report? Here is a key!
• Widen the major knowledge based on the various materials!
• Your Korean skills are leveled up with this book!

This book is a preliminary textbook for foreign students who want to major in Humanities in the University of Korea. Based on the essential knowledge on the Humanities, this book will help students to widen the background, which lead the students to understand the difficult Korean lecture completely. Not only the knowledge related to the major, Korean language capabilities (speaking, listening, reading and writing) can be leveled up. In addition, with the practical information such as the strategy of note-taking and writing a report, foreign students are able to be successful in the university life of Korea.
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