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Darakwon is a leading Korean publisher specializing in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese language learning materials. Since its founding in 1977, Darakwon has striven to meet the ever-changing demands of language learners through its innovative products and services. Not only has Darakwon developed premium language books, but it has also created first-rate online learning products and services. Darakwon has published more than 2,500 foreign language titles alongside multimedia study resources and provided about 300 e-learning lectures for English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and French.

We present new learning methods by meeting the challenges of the times and by providing for the needs of our customers, and as a result, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language learning materials are the best in the industry. In addition, we are recognized as a leading foreign language publisher in authorized textbooks for junior and high school curricula.

We actively seek partners around the world. Many of our language learning books have been translated and published in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam through licensing agreements. Darakwon has also been publishing a number of language books by buying copyrights from our overseas partners since 1998, such as Beijing Language and Culture University Press in China and ALC Press in Japan. In addition, many of our Happy House ELT books and Korean language learning books have been sold in international markets through sales representatives.

Our affiliate, Happy House, publishes a variety of English language teaching books for children, including a creative storybook series. Golden Time, another affiliate, publishes a variety of practical works, including a fishing magazine that has been in circulation for 40 years and books for travel, leisure, and hobbies, all of which are loved by our readers.

We, at Darakwon, Happy House, and Golden Time, pledge always to do our best for our customers by providing them with books that permit them to experience the joy of learning.


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